Introducing Winston….



Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’ve not blogged for a while but work has been its usual horrendous self, and then Christmas festivities have been upon us! Speaking of which I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Mine was very quiet and small….just what I like. I got tickets to visit Downton Abbey in April….how excited am I????

Anyway….I digress…. I have been wanting to share this little fellow with you for a while. He is my first foray into the world of teddy bear making! Some of you may have seen a similar looking little chap on the cover of Mollie Makes magazine a couple of months ago. Mollie Makes October 2012

The feature was written by a wonderful teddy bear maker Yvette Spencer who runs a website at Lavender Bobs

I was rather taken with the little fellow and as my Mum adored bears and collects them I decided I’d have a go. I tweeted Yvette and she was so helpful, suggesting sites to go to  for supplies etc. In the end I used a UK company, Mohair Bear Making Supplies where I managed to source everything I needed for the project.

All in all it was fairly straightforward. The best way to explain it would be ‘fiddly’ and it definitely needs a lot of patience! I found turning out the sewn pieces really tricky as they were so teeny but with a lot of patience we got there in the end. Winston has a slightly wonky ear and leg but I think that gives him a bit of character!

My Mum was thrilled with him and couldn’t believe he was handmade by Moi. So, all in all I was thrilled with how everything went. Winston is now residing in a cabinet in Wiltshire with lots of new bear friends.


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