Sewing Bias Binding… new found revolution!

Hello Everyone,

So this week I’m so excited to share with you my latest acquisition. The adjustable bias binding presser foot! This is a Husqvarna Viking foot as that’s the machine I use but a quick Google search and I can see there are universal ones and other brand specific varieties too. Try Jaycotts or if you have a Husqvarna machine I got mine from Sew Essential and the service was really good.












I can’t tell you how excited I was when I discovered such a thing existed! I love to finish seams and occasionally hems with bias binding and use it when making petticoats (50’s style!) and it’s always such a chore to get it to sit nicely and have a straight, neat seam.

This presser foot makes the whole thing just a dream. You just feed in your bias binding, folded into the runners and insert your fabric into the middle slot, carefully feed it into the machine and there you go, perfect binding 🙂 The plastic section on the bottom is adjustable to accommodate different widths of binding and then theres a slidey screw (I’m sorry I don’t have the technical term) at the top which determines in part how close your needle will run to the edge of the binding.

Inser the binding

Insert the binding

The picture above shows the binding sat in situ. The fabric would slot into the left middle channel. I hope that makes sense? You do have to be careful about feeding it in as I’ve found the fabric can slip out the left a bit if you’re not careful and then doesn’t get caught in the binding but on the whole it’s SO much easier than doing it traditionally. Personally I set my needle a little to the right to make things a bit easier, but you end up with this as the end result. Perfectly stitched bias binding 🙂


Do let me know in the comments if any of you guys have used this or have any tips for how to sew perfect bias binding. I’d love to know. xx


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