Introducing Winston….



Hi Everyone!

Sorry I’ve not blogged for a while but work has been its usual horrendous self, and then Christmas festivities have been upon us! Speaking of which I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Mine was very quiet and small….just what I like. I got tickets to visit Downton Abbey in April….how excited am I????

Anyway….I digress…. I have been wanting to share this little fellow with you for a while. He is my first foray into the world of teddy bear making! Some of you may have seen a similar looking little chap on the cover of Mollie Makes magazine a couple of months ago. Mollie Makes October 2012

The feature was written by a wonderful teddy bear maker Yvette Spencer who runs a website at Lavender Bobs

I was rather taken with the little fellow and as my Mum adored bears and collects them I decided I’d have a go. I tweeted Yvette and she was so helpful, suggesting sites to go to  for supplies etc. In the end I used a UK company, Mohair Bear Making Supplies where I managed to source everything I needed for the project.

All in all it was fairly straightforward. The best way to explain it would be ‘fiddly’ and it definitely needs a lot of patience! I found turning out the sewn pieces really tricky as they were so teeny but with a lot of patience we got there in the end. Winston has a slightly wonky ear and leg but I think that gives him a bit of character!

My Mum was thrilled with him and couldn’t believe he was handmade by Moi. So, all in all I was thrilled with how everything went. Winston is now residing in a cabinet in Wiltshire with lots of new bear friends.


Don’t panic!

So, a friend and I are running our first craft stall next weekend at a local hotel. It’s all come around rather quickly to be honest and is one of those things you can’t really say no to, but also don’t really have time for! 

I’m very busy trying to get jewellery made up, conjure festive bunting up, make yummy goodies, and also make other bits and bobs like scented pillows and hearts for the stand. 

This is our test run really so we’re trying to keep it simple. If we enjoy it then we’ll definitely do more and I have lots of ideas for other lovely things we can make and sell when we have a bit more time. It’s my dream to turn my crafty passions into my income and this may be the first small step towards that goal. It’s very tough trying to do it while working full time as well though. Still I am determined!! 

Anyway, if you live in the area why not come and see us next Sunday, December 2nd (Oh my goodness how did we get here so quickly??) at the Centurion Hotel, Midsomer Norton, Somerset for Santa’s grotto and Christmas Fayre? Its running from 12 ’till 4pm and entry is free 🙂

I will let you know how we get on next week but in the meantime I’d better go and get my sewing machine fired up 🙂