My First Craft Fair

Hey Guys, I just thought I’d check in and update you all on our first craft fair! It was today and very interesting. Not a massive success, but interesting but to be honest it has been one hell of a week!

We decided to do the fair at short notice so it didn’t give me much time to get making! Add to that I was really poorly all of last weekend and have been away with work nearly all week too, it was all getting a bit stressful. But, I thought that would be fine, as I could have a lovely crafty day on Saturday. Then a drunk driver smashed into our wall on Friday night and that was Saturday gone in a blur of insurance phone calls, council phone calls and a clean up operation. It’s a long story…….

However, luckily my partner in crime had been very busy with the sewing and the decoupage so added to my jewellery makes and homemade fudge our table didn’t look too shabby (a very good job it wasn’t a big table!).

My friend did quite well and particularly popular were her gingerbread jars. She’s layered all the dry ingredients for gingerbread into a jam jar with instructions on how to make and what you need to add and they were a real hit.

As for me it didn’t go too well. I sold a few bags of fudge but not one piece of jewellery. Lots of people liked it but wouldn’t buy. It was interesting though and I think it just wasn’t pitched right for this venue. It was a Christmas fair and not really a craft fair as such which meant that lots of people has jewellery for sale that was a bit more mass produced and much cheaper. It’s also not a particularly affluent area either.

However I am not deterred! We’ve decided that we probably need to aim towards some of the artisan markets that run locally. These are in known ‘crafty’ towns so attract a different clientele looking specifically for handmade items, and hopefully who are expecting to pay a bit more for a handcrafted item. We plan to do some more fairs starting in the spring next year. I’m really excited about it!

At least all the bits I bought in to make things for the fair means that everyone will get a little handcrafted goody in with their Christmas pressie this year. I can also start thinking towards the spring and start making early, so that hopefully next time the preparations won’t be so stressful.

I think the main thing though was that we both really enjoyed it and had a lovely time manning our little stall and a good afternoon girly gossip! I will also try and get a few piccies up for you too, so you can get an idea of what we’re up to 🙂


Don’t panic!

So, a friend and I are running our first craft stall next weekend at a local hotel. It’s all come around rather quickly to be honest and is one of those things you can’t really say no to, but also don’t really have time for! 

I’m very busy trying to get jewellery made up, conjure festive bunting up, make yummy goodies, and also make other bits and bobs like scented pillows and hearts for the stand. 

This is our test run really so we’re trying to keep it simple. If we enjoy it then we’ll definitely do more and I have lots of ideas for other lovely things we can make and sell when we have a bit more time. It’s my dream to turn my crafty passions into my income and this may be the first small step towards that goal. It’s very tough trying to do it while working full time as well though. Still I am determined!! 

Anyway, if you live in the area why not come and see us next Sunday, December 2nd (Oh my goodness how did we get here so quickly??) at the Centurion Hotel, Midsomer Norton, Somerset for Santa’s grotto and Christmas Fayre? Its running from 12 ’till 4pm and entry is free 🙂

I will let you know how we get on next week but in the meantime I’d better go and get my sewing machine fired up 🙂