The Pink Elephant Print Dress – Colette Chantilly.

Me rocking the elephant print Chantilly

Me rocking the elephant print Chantilly

Well I’ve finally finished it!!

I’m so excited about this dress. It’s in one of my all time favourite fabrics from my stash, by Michael Miller and I’ve been fantasising about a dress in it ever since I saw Alexandra King’s wonderful dress in the window of Millie Moon in Wells.

Dress by Alexandra King, seen in the window of Millie Moon, Wells.

Dress by Alexandra King, seen in the window of Millie Moon, Wells.

Alexandra makes THE most beautiful dresses! Here website is here, but be warned if you’re anything like me you’ll be swooning and wondering how you’ll ever save up for a whole Alexandra King wardrobe!!

Anyway, I digress…This is my first proper project that I’ve done all on my own with no tuition and me being me I had to start with an intermediate pattern didn’t I? Its the Chantilly dress from Colette Patterns. You can buy it from Millie Moon here.

In all honesty the making up wasn’t too tricky. The main issue was with the lining as I ended up with the zip opening on opposite sides on the shell and lining. It would have been fine if I put the lining in with the raw seams to my skin, but I wanted the ‘right side’ of the lining to sit against the skin so that all the raw edges of the lining and shell were sandwiched together. So, I unpicked and remade.

Then on finishing, it was way too big!! I mean massive. One of the things I’m really rubbish at is fitting things before/as I sew. This wasn’t helped with this dress as you can’t really fit it without the yoke added to the bodice, which comes last! In the end the dress was so massive I decided I’d have to unpick the whole thing and cut it in a smaller size. I made up a new bodice in calico (which I should have done in the first place!) and settled on 2 sizes smaller! The neck yoke still wasn’t sitting right on me so I managed to pin this and adjust the pattern piece, to give a great fit for me around the neckline. I was particularly pleased with this as it’s the first time I’ve had to adjust a pattern piece 🙂 After this it was just sewing it all up again which was fairly straight forward. I didn’t recut the skirt, as this was just gathered more into the smaller bodice, giving a lovely fuller effect.

All in all it’s not perfect, but I’ve learned lots from this make and feel so smiley and proud when I put it on! I’m moving on to the Violet blouse now 🙂


The Elephant print Colette Chantilly…well nearly!

So, I was hoping today that I’d be writing a new blog post for you all about my latest make, a Colette Chantilly made up in some amazing fabric by Michael Miller with pink elephants on it. I got the fabric from the fabulous Millie Moon shop in Wells. They also have a store on Catherine Hill in Frome, or you can buy online.

The fabric’s been in my stash for a while now so I don’t know if they will have any left but you might be able to buy online.

Unfortunately the garden has taken over my life this weekend leaving less time for sewing than I’d hoped for. I also just got to the point of attaching the lining to the main dress and have hit a problem. At this point I decided to leave it for another day!

As a little teaser though I thought I’d leave you with this picture, and hopefully next weeks post will feature the finished dress, finally!


Sewing Bias Binding… new found revolution!

Hello Everyone,

So this week I’m so excited to share with you my latest acquisition. The adjustable bias binding presser foot! This is a Husqvarna Viking foot as that’s the machine I use but a quick Google search and I can see there are universal ones and other brand specific varieties too. Try Jaycotts or if you have a Husqvarna machine I got mine from Sew Essential and the service was really good.












I can’t tell you how excited I was when I discovered such a thing existed! I love to finish seams and occasionally hems with bias binding and use it when making petticoats (50’s style!) and it’s always such a chore to get it to sit nicely and have a straight, neat seam.

This presser foot makes the whole thing just a dream. You just feed in your bias binding, folded into the runners and insert your fabric into the middle slot, carefully feed it into the machine and there you go, perfect binding 🙂 The plastic section on the bottom is adjustable to accommodate different widths of binding and then theres a slidey screw (I’m sorry I don’t have the technical term) at the top which determines in part how close your needle will run to the edge of the binding.

Inser the binding

Insert the binding

The picture above shows the binding sat in situ. The fabric would slot into the left middle channel. I hope that makes sense? You do have to be careful about feeding it in as I’ve found the fabric can slip out the left a bit if you’re not careful and then doesn’t get caught in the binding but on the whole it’s SO much easier than doing it traditionally. Personally I set my needle a little to the right to make things a bit easier, but you end up with this as the end result. Perfectly stitched bias binding 🙂


Do let me know in the comments if any of you guys have used this or have any tips for how to sew perfect bias binding. I’d love to know. xx